I know that being abused as a child is part of why I struggle with addiction. I’ve lived it. But its all behind me, why talk about it? Why look at it? What would a luxury drug rehab do for me? I’ve made it. And hasn’t everyone had a tough time growing up? That which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. I make it all work without a luxury drug rehab. I just don’t need to talk about it or go into treatment, even if it is a luxury drug rehab program.

If I really tell the truth, the emotional abandonment I have felt as a child has left me with a sense of emptiness, a constant state of internal deprivation. I know that I use because I am looking for something I have lacked in my life. Love? Security? How is a luxury drug rehab going to give that back to me? And without some distraction, I can’t bear the pain within. Drugs, alcohol – they work but never last. I need more, always more. How is a luxury drug rehab program going to fill this void?

I have looked at luxury drug rehab programs on the web during those fleeting moments when I feel ashamed of what I am doing to myself. Then I wake up and forget that I ever even considered a luxury drug rehab. I go back and forth. Maybe one day when I have time, when I’ve stopped putting it off, I’ll call a luxury drug rehab and make a solid commitment to changing my life.

You do have a remarkable life. Admitting that you have problems can be excruciating. Living in fear that others will find out about your drug use and family secrets and that your friends and peers would find out if you ever went to a luxury drug rehab holds you back. So you move on, blank out and survive. No luxury drug rehab for you.

You are not alone. Child abuse is frequently reported by patients who have had trauma in their early lives and are struggling with addiction. Patients in luxury drug rehab and other types of drug treatment report a high rate of lifetime exposure to childhood trauma. Research shows that victims of rape (an indicator of overall child abuse) are much more likely to use drugs than non-victims.

What you have overcome and overcome each day is stunning. You deserve an environment where you can receive nurturing, support, and healing that fits you and your lifestyle. Not an institutional setting or 12 step approach. A luxury drug rehab.

You deserve the best. The finest luxury drug rehab will be a place where you can feel safe and accepted enough to take chances, to find out that you can confront your childhood trauma and pain. The finest luxury drug rehab will provide counseling that reveals your strengths and capacity to live without abusing substances. The finest luxury drug rehab will provide the most upscale accommodations and comforts. The finest luxury drug rehab will serve the freshest organic food. The finest luxury drug rehab will replenish and strengthen you with natural healthcare, activity, massage, walks in the countryside with highly trained holistic therapists. The finest luxury drug rehab will provide you with the tools to see that you can be your own real and best self everywhere. The finest luxury drug rehab will replace struggling with drugs with your own focused goals and mission to take back out into the world.

Luxury drug rehab is a whole new perspective. It means truly healing the very reasons for the drug abuse at the core. Isn’t it time to feel deeply whole and well in your own skin?

Written by Deb Roberts:
The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center


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